Is USAA a Good Insurance?

Over the years, the insurance industry has been flooded with a plethora of companies, each promising superior offerings. Yet, when it comes to dependability and customer satisfaction, the United Services Automobile Association, better known as USAA, consistently tops the charts. So, is USAA really a good insurance?

Origin and Purpose of USAA

Formed over a century ago, in 1922, USAA initially began with the sole purpose of self-insuring a group of Army officers who could not receive motor insurance due to their high-risk profession. It accentuates commitment to military heroes, veterans, and their families for their selfless service to the nation. Their services were eventually extended to individuals who have not served in the military, yet hold an undying respect for those who did.

Services Offered

USAA offers a wide spectrum of insurance services, including auto, homeowners, renters, life, and personal property insurance. Their product ensemble also caters to the investment and banking needs of their members with diverse products like mortgages, car loans, and financial planning services. Such an extensive range fortifies the position of USAA as a one-stop financial solution center.

Key Features Of USAA Insurance

USAA’s insurance plans score high on transparency, with detailed explanations about policy limitations and benefits. With a strong digital footprint, one can effortlessly manage claims online or via their mobile app. Members also enjoy competitive rates and are often eligible for discounts tailored to their specific circumstances. Especially noteworthy is their sublime focus on military-focussed benefits. They offer unique coverage options to the military community such as Military Uniform Protection, which comes into play if a service uniform gets destroyed during a covered event.

Customer Satisfaction and Ratings

Initially approached dubiously due to its selective eligibility requirements, USAA has since kicked the stereotype, claiming unprecedented laurels for customer satisfaction. With consistently high scores in the J.D. Power Insurance Satisfaction Survey, it holds immaculate testimonies of customers sustained over lengthy periods of time. Their commitment toward personalized service, prompt response to claims, and an overall seamless insurance experience have garnered them solid reviews.


In conclusion, USAA is undeniably a proficient insurer for both military families and others who value financial flexibility and comprehensive coverage. Coupled with its uncompromising focus on customer satisfaction, USAA continues to deliver superior insurance products while winning accolades from users and rating agencies alike. It embraces a broad scope of services, exemplary customer support, and ongoing efforts to modernize operations, underscoring their dedication towards keeping their customers at the helm. Therefore, if you seek an insurer whose services not just circumscribe to insurance but also expand to a full suite of financial services, tying the sophistication of technology with personalized service, USAA surely emerges as excellent insurance.

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